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Audrey hardman

Audrey Hardman

my mosaic art .............

Living here by the sea is the Inspiration with its ever- changing colours and moods is the Inspiration for my Art, which is mostly Marine based.   I am A Mosaic Artist and find the reflective properties of the glass give an organic feel to my pieces. I try and capture the essence of my subject with bold and bright colours. I use stained glass, iridized glass, mirror glass ,Van Gogh glass, beads and gems and let the work evolve with the  cut glass shapes  deciding the final outcome of the piece. Sometimes I work very freely, which is an exciting way to create and even after fourteen years still look forward to each new piece.


Facebook: Audrey hardman-Mosaic artist 

Hardman   dolphin round
Dolphin Round
Hardman   ice ice penguins 320
Ice Penguins
Hardman   lizard eyes
Lizard Eyes
Hardman   shoal
Hardman   waves.3
Hardman   space